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The Just-Recovery website has been created to help promote Recovery in your Community.

We provide original recovery related information for your reference. We hope this site helps you find the resources you need to help you or your loved one achieve long-term successful sobriety.

The disease of addiction and substance abuse does not discriminate. You don’t need to suffer from this disorder. Contact your doctor and ask about symptoms of untreated addiction and its associated behaviors.

Learning the skills to effectively manage the disease of drug or alcohol addiction is absolutely possible. This does not mean having to live life with limitations, however. Learning to manage addiction and its effects and related disorders helps improve an additcts abilities to overcome the many challenges encountered throughout a life of sobriety.

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—Just-Recovery Team —helping people recover ‘one link at a time’

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Just Recovery —helping people recover ‘one link at a time’


A first step for active addicts and alcoholics or people suffering from substance abuse is begin recovery safely in a detox under medical care. This may be harder than you think to find a detox with a bed, so the sooner you start your search the better.

Once you locate a detox in your area you can expect a 5 to 10 day stay until you are medically able to move to the next step in the recovery process.

The next step in recovery for addicts and alcoholics to begin treatment at a rehab or treatment facility that offers primary/initial treatment. You will be guided through the necessary changes to make your recovery successful to include introductions to various 12-Step programs and other life changes.

Some secondary treatment programs address co-occurring illnesses for bi-polar, trauma, depression, schizophrenia, and other co-occurring illnesses and substance abuse. These types of programs are specialized and offer recovery treatment beyond traditional 12-Step only based programs. If you suffer from co-occurring mental health and addiction, you must have medical treatment throughout your recovery to manage necessary medications or long-term sobriety will be difficult if not impossible to maintain.

IOP -Intensive Outpatient Treatment or Outpatient Treatment programs offer standard long-term or short-term after-care which is generally required and accepted by most major insurance companies.

Many long-term recovery environments provide IOP and structured life-skills programs like a live-in rehab. Many are only Sober Living or Structured Sober Living environments that spring-board clients back to a self-sustained sober lifestyle. Still other programs offer 12-Step programs and outpatient treatment at recovery centers with local resources for all types of recovery.

This recovery based web site was designed to help you find what you need for you or your loved one to achieve long-term successful sobriety.