Life After Addiction: 5 Important Tips to Stay Clean and Create a Fulfilling Life

Life After Addiction: 5 Important Tips to Stay Clean and Create a Fulfilling Life

Have you recently completed a stay in rehab? Maybe you decided to get clean and sober on your own. Whatever the case may be, life after addiction can be scary. 

Let’s face it: there was a lot of damage done while you were actively using. Now, you want to fix all of it. Not so fast–you need to remain clean and sober long enough to accomplish this! 

We’re going to tell you a few ways to ensure you stay clean while living a fulfilling life. Keep reading for more information! 

1. Find a Home Group and Get a Sponsor

You’ll hear ‘get a sponsor’ a lot before you leave rehab, but finding a home support group is just as important. This is the group that you commit to by showing up, performing service work, and allowing them to help you. 

A home group will hold you accountable and can notice when you’re not yourself. You can find a meeting that suits your needs by trying several and possibly branching of your comfort zone. 

A sponsor or mentor is just as important because they will help you through the basic texts of your chosen support group. This will be the person that you trust with your deepest and darkest secrets and should be the one you call when triggered.

2. Create a Routine

Routines sound boring but they also keep you out of trouble. Set your alarm each day, wake up, make your bed, and do what needs to be done. 

Your routine may include meeting with your sponsor and attending meetings but don’t solely focus on this. Eventually, you will need to return to work and create a work-life balance, have family time, and maybe even do something fun. 

Routines give recovering addicts a form of self-discipline and make relapse less likely by filling your time with productivity. 

3. Set Some Goals

Reaching a goal is an easy way to feel good about yourself. But to reach that goal, you must have them set to begin with. 

Consider setting a variety of goals. Include your sobriety in some of them, look at financial recovery in others, and set yourself up for happiness. 

Ideally, choose goals that are measurable: complete the 12 steps, repay a certain amount of debt in a certain amount of time, go back to school, etc. 

This doesn’t mean that a goal of repairing a relationship isn’t possible, it’s just harder to measure. 

4. Exercise

It is understandable if you do not have the funds for a gym membership or tennis lessons. However, walking, running, and even cleaning are great forms of exercise. 

Exercise reduces stress by releasing endorphins. Because you are less stressed, you are also less prone to small triggers causing a relapse. 

5. Make a Daily Gratitude List

Even if your sponsor doesn’t tell you to do this, do it! You will feel better after writing down a few things you are grateful for each morning when you wake up. 

This list can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. On days you don’t feel like writing anything down, list more! 

Creating a Beautiful Life After Addiction

It is important to remember that life after addiction is a day by day process. Everything won’t become perfect overnight, just like your addiction took time to grow. 

With that said, relapse is almost always a possibility, even for the most committed people. The key is to have a plan set in order to know what to do should this happen. Check out our blog on relapse planning to get an idea of what to do!

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