Entitlement and Affluenza




Practical Development in Prescott, Arizona is a new treatment center dedicated to addressing the privileged, biased  entitlement issues that keep young people in recovery from success.

Practical Development knows addiction is
a deadly disease and is anything but luxurious.

” After working for several years in drug and alcohol addiction treatment, Practical Development’s Program developer, Clint Richards, couldn’t help but realize the majority of his clients were suffering from severe entitlement issues. As time progressed, he felt these issues were often more harmful to his clients than the addiction itself, and leaving them unresolved would result in chronic relapse or an insufficient quality of life. As he processed hundreds of intakes for three highly accredited treatment centers, he found the request was always the same: “please fix my child.” Clients receive a “one size fits all” treatment style, engage in therapy, take a 6-18 month vacation, and eventually leave with a lot of knowledge about recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. ” —CLICK TO READ FULL ARTICLE