Eluding Reality: A Memoir about Drugs, Sex, Psych Wards, and Recovery

Eluding Reality is a candid memoir about Gordie Bufton's rebellious and selfish descent into the underbelly of society. This audacious journey travels through addictions to ecstasy and marijuana, jail, narrowly escaping death, numerous psych ward stays, and an escape from a high security ward. The doctors labeled and diagnosed Gordie as bipolar, schizophrenic, manic, and depressed. They said he would never be able to live a “normal” life without taking prescription antipsychotics. Will he be able to prove the doctors wrong? Accompany the author on the path to finding himself and living in reality.

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"Gordie Bufton is Thriving in Recovery" Dr. Drew Pinsky

"Gordie's path is very clear now, as he devotes his life to speaking and helping others who may be on the very same "train to hell" that he was on for years." David Essel

"You are my NEW Role Model" Police Officer after a speech

Editorial Review

Eluding Reality is the very candid, autobiographical journey of Gordie through his ups and downs – before the grip of addiction, his path to recovery and everything in between. This book was executed brilliantly.

I give Eluding Reality 4 out of 4 stars. Gordie Bufton should be proud of this book, and proud of who he has become. On page 236, he says that he writes, "potentially helping millions of young adults make healthier choices and helping their parents understand what could be going on in their childrens' lives". You, sir, have done just that.