Alcohol and Drug Self-Assessment Quiz




Chemical Dependency Questions

  1. Do you feel that you have a problem with Alcohol or Drugs?
  2. Are you ever preoccupied with thoughts of drinking or using?
  3. Do you drink or use alone?
  4. Do you drink or use regardless of the consequences?
  5. If you drink, can you stop after one glass? Could you stop drinking if you chose to?
  6. Have you risked losing your job or family because of your use?
  7. Do you avoid social situations where you cannot drink or use?
  8. Do you hide your use or lie about the extent of your use?
  9. Are you uncomfortable in social situations without using?
  10. Do you use drinking or using as a coping mechanism?

Prescott House can help you assess a potential substance abuse issue. The self assessment allows a potential patient to review signs and symptoms of chemical addiction. If you answer “yes” to any of these quiz questions, we encourage you to please contact Prescott House Admissions for an in-depth assessment with one of our highly trained and member of our clinical staff.