5 Surprising Health Benefits of Sobriety You Weren’t Aware Of

5 Surprising Health Benefits of Sobriety You Weren’t Aware Of

Whether it’s by ridding the damage from alcohol through dieting or cutting alcohol out completely, there’s no denying the physical, mental and emotional benefits of sobriety.

Whether you are struggling with addiction or simply want to kick an unhealthy habit, read on to learn more about what you can gain from giving up alcohol. 

The Rise of Sober Living

Typically, saying you don’t drink results in two assumptions: you are a recovering alcoholic or you’re pregnant. 

However, it seems that sober is the newest trend, with many people choosing not to drink for the same reasons they choose not to smoke. As a result, sober night clubs and even sober bars are on the rise.

So why are so many people choosing to say so long to alcohol? Read on to learn more about the many benefits that come with sobriety.

The Benefits of Sobriety

Sobriety can enhance your mental, emotional, and physical health, with some benefits occurring almost immediately. Before you turn to juice detoxes or the yoga retreats, try on sobriety. 

1. Sleep Better

After a night out of drinking or even a glass of wine may leave you wanting to hit the hey, alcohol actually hurts your quality of sleep. 

That’s because alcohol interrupts our natural circadian rhythm, so while you may fall asleep faster, you’re actually more likely to wake up throughout the night.

2. Better Complexion

No matter how you slice it, alcohol is a toxin, one that dehydrates us from the inside out. Which is why it’s easy to wake up from a night of drinking with an unsightly breakout.

By cutting out the alcohol your skin will have a long-lasting, dewy glow that can only come from a healthy body. 

3. Improved Internal Health

As we stated above, alcohol is a toxin. The good news is these beautiful machines known as our bodies already come with their own detox mechanism. The bad news is, we can only rid our bodies of but so many toxins at a time.

This means it can be difficult to catch up with the physical health debt that comes with drinking alcohol. Which explains why so many people that choose to live a sober life notices the physical effects right away.

4. Weight Loss

They call it a “beer belly” for a reason. Alcohol and sugary cocktails are filled with empty calories that pack on the pounds without adding any nutritional value.

Even those who are having one drink a night can add an extra 2,100 calories to their weekly intake. Take into account that one pound takes is roughly 1,500 calories, and it’s easy to see how weight loss can be a result of giving up alcohol.

5. No Hangovers

Hangovers are one symptom of drinking that no one enjoys. The headaches, light sensitivity, and intense urge to throw up are enough to make you wonder why you drank in the first place.

Next time you find yourself saying “that’s the last time I’m ever drinking again” as a result of a heavy hangover, you may want to stick to it. 

Getting the Help You Need When You Need It

No matter how long you’ve been drinking, it’s important to know that the benefits of sobriety are not out of reach. By seeking out the help you need to start a sober lifestyle, you’ll find there is much to be enjoyed in life without drinking.

If you are ready to start your sober lifestyle today, visit our resources page for more information. 

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